Nothing bad could come from a colossal, big-top with blue and yellow swirls.

World-renowned circus franchise, Cirque du Soleil has blessed the shores of Singapore this time with Kooza, combining technical sorcery with traditional elements of circus to bear what is possibly Cirque du Soleil‘s most relatable story yet. Paired with the cast’s mastery of their forms, Kooza gives way to what is quite possibly the best circus you’ll ever get the chance to watch.

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The premise of Kooza is one that finds laughter in the pains of being human, exuding raw energy by drawing inspiration from the one characteristic we put most effort into hiding: foolishness.

We follow the story of the clown, a character that is typically meant to serve the purpose of filler humour by screwing up – ideally allowing audiences to better deal with their own turmoil. Kooza questions the psychology behind human nature by depicting the naive clown (called the Innocent), through joy and sadness, past the whimsical costumes and make up.

The Innocent fights his way to finding his place in the world, depicted by the enigmatic, graceful Trickster who holds a world of magic in the Kooza (meaning ‘box’, or chest’) that he was found in. This gives way to an emotional, theatrical experience that also pays homage to the most fundamental forms of circus.

With that said, it’s not just the storyline that makes me able to guarantee this to be the amongst the best circus shows you’ll ever watch (yes, there are things that make it more groundbreaking than Cirque du Soleil‘s usual spectacular standards). The joy in watching a circus is typically owed to the insane talent, skill and body mastery displayed in death-defying conditions. Kooza has seen the best of this, with all of its acts. Performers have reached levels of mastery so defined that they’re beyond just verging on superhuman – acts look like there could be no better way to have executed and performed them. If you’re not buying this because you think you’ve seen it all, think amazing technical elements combined with the best, combination of the most skilled performers – no trailer could do this justice.

Also, props to the magical costumes used in Kooza. The astounding material allows for glamorous change in colour to add implication depending on the key emotions of a segment

The show was also notably well paced, and tastefully comedic, both of which merge fluidly into the splendid set design, brilliant characters, and the band with musicians so skilled it’s like they could have their very own sellout concert. Paul Butler, the set drummer, was especially phenomenal!!

Blending the most stunning, refined elements of circus and theatre, the spectacle that Kooza delivers is an experience so powerful and compelling that it will definitely leave you in awe, if you’re lucky enough to catch it!

Cirque du Soleil‘s Kooza is happening now till the 20th of August at the Big Top by Marina Bay Sands!

Be sure to get your tickets!

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