Welcome to Kaladesh – the latest chapter in Magic: The Gathering, where Optimism, and the spirit of creativity fuel a renaissance of innovation. Invent your tomorrow…today!

Kaladesh, a plane where natural mages are rare, accomplishes much through devices as other planes do so with Magic. First introduced as the planeswalker, Chandra Nalaar’s home plane, automatons, thopters, and other artifact creatures of the plane fueled by aether is commonplace. Artifacts are built as much for beauty as for function, while Fire magic is strictly banned, and playing with fire (pyromancy) is punishable by death.

Kaladesh, the latest MTG expansion, and the first in the Kaladesh block, consists of 264 cards and will introduce new features such as Create, Vehicles, Energy and Fabricate, will be released on September 30, 2016.

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Note: The contest only provides tickets to the Magic the Gathering: Kaladesh Pre Release Party and does not include transport, accommodation or any other activities.