DOTA 2’s The International 2018 – Day 6!

The final day of The International 2018 looms.

It’s been five exciting days of DOTA 2, and on the last day, there are only three teams left to fight for the biggest prize pool in e-sports in history. As the crowd thins, the games have only gotten more and more nail-biting, leaving the viewers enthralled.

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There are some unexpected teams in remaining in the top three, with many of the tournament favourites being knocked out by this trio. Only time will tell who lifts the Aegis of Champions.

For the Lower Bracket finals we have:

PSG.LGD v.s. Evil Geniuses
LGD will be kicking themselves. Gravely underestimating OG’s strength, and the power of hero spammer Topson, they find themselves in the lower bracket after what should be a smooth sailing tournament culminating in an easy tournament win for them. After all, the most dominant teams in the DPC are gone! But, they forgot who eliminated them. And now, they will face one of the hottest teams in the tournament – Evil Geniuses.

EG has gone from strength to strength. Knocking out, this season’s DPC champion. Knocking out Team Liquid, TI7’s champion. And now, they face Chinese juggernauts LGD, hoping to set up a grudge match with OG in the finals. With the way EG is playing, it’s a likely possibility.

EG takes this 2-1, setting up a Hell in the Cell with OG.

And, finally, for the Grand Finals:

Winner v.s. OG
Take a bow, OG.

From barely fighting into the upper bracket, to grand finalist of TI8.

Clutch plays after clutch plays. An intimate understanding of the heroes and how they work in tandem with each other. Perfect teamfight execution, chaining spells one after the other like Hermione Granger. Their core players simply evolving throughout the tournament, getting a high level in Super Saiyan with each series.

Game one against LGD was fantastic drafting and execution, and LGD responded in kind in game two. But game three.

GAME THREE WAS AMAZING. Simply watch everybody going crazy.

(Credit to Reddit user iLostMyBallooon)

All the elements were there. Ana carrying on a late game hero, Topson with his signature Arc Warden to ward off the enemy team, big plays by Ceb, JerAx and n0tail to finally achieve victory.

Even if they fall now, this tournament would have far exceeded their wildest dreams. If EG wins LGD though, and arrives here… expect fireworks. And not the nice kind, the kind that’s way too smoky, way too loud, and way too dramatic.

And if LGD wins? If we get games like the game three we just saw, we are in for an early Christmas for all DOTA 2 fans.

But either way, it will be goddamn SPECTACULAR. Honestly, how can I root against any other team now? The story is simply too spicy to merely tingle your tastebuds, it’s going to make them EXPLODE. OG takes TI8, 3-2.

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