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Ever feel so tired that you can’t concentrate at work? Spend long journeys standing in the train or bus commuting in the morning only to rush around or pore through mountains of paperwork? I know I’ve been there… way too many times. That’s when I stop and force myself to chill or recharge–one of the reasons why I almost never eat-in at the office. It doesn’t matter if I’m having food for lunch, it’s just about getting out for a change of scenery or a place to go and shut down.

Nestled in the heart of Singapore’s business district, Raffles Place, you’ll find one such place – Massage Hero. After a long week on my feet and working through late nights, I swear they saved my soul… if not just my sole.

Located on the second floor of the The Arcade, conveniently located just outside Raffles Place MRT, you’ll find Massage Hero on the second floor–right beside a couple of other useful services such as a salon and a money changer.

What immediately struck me about Massage Hero though was the decor. Forget the big black/brown recliners and sofas, the small space housed five surprisingly comfortable armchairs. The walls, furniture and rest of the decor had very earthy tones. I couldn’t quite shake the feeling that I was in a cafe and not a foot reflexology parlour. I caught myself (at least twice) thinking to order a nice cappuccino–you have to admit that IS fantastic. A cuppa joe and a foot massage… take all my money now!

When getting ready for the massage though I was given an option to change into a pair of house pants as the therapist needed to fold my jeans over the knees. So if you’re wearing freshly pressed pants or really tight ones, house pants are an option. My boot-cuts though were relatively easy to fold up so I declined the offer.

I settled in for the massage. I got my headphones out and put on some Ed Sheeran to complement the atmosphere. Now foot reflexology is not for everyone and a very common fear (other than the fact that some people just don’t like their feet touched) is pain. I’ve been to some places where they take ‘no pain no gain’ waaaay too literally. I’d be spending the hour just trying not to flinch and ‘take it like a man’.

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At Massage Hero though, the therapist was very good. She hit the right spots and could sense the right amount of pressure to use. It was just right and a very relaxing experience. After the 60 minutes, I was all ready to tackle the day again.

The massage services are priced pretty decently as well at $42 for a 60min session (opening promotion). You also have the option of combining a foot, shoulder and neck massage with their other packages. Massage Hero definitely came to my rescue.

Massage Hero is located at The Arcade #02-1111, Collyer Quay, Singapore 049317, Tel +65 90661422.

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